We’re on a mission to
to build a sustainable
e-commerce ecosystem
for all.

We develop advanced technologies for E-Commerce companies that enable them to proactively manage their future revenue growth and profitability.

Demand Shaping SaaS
Help D2C Companies
Yearly client profits

Our Team

We bring over 10 Years of work experience in E-Commerce, Marketing and Data Science.

Our Story

Our corporate experiences at Philips and Deloitte revealed marketing is often not integrated within demand planning.
We validated our concerns in 150h of client interviews with over 100 clients and industry leaders and developed a solution together with large E-Commerce D2C Brands and Experts from Accenture or HV Capital.

Our Mission

In the next 8 years we strive to help 3.000 D2C SMEs on the path to sustainable and profitable growth allowing them to win back market shares against the big sharks. This to contribute to an e-commerce landscape where E-Commerce D2C founders are enabled to scale their brands in a profitable way, while customers world-wide benefit from a greater product variety and shopping experience.

Our Partners

We are backed by world-wide operating tech fonds, the German ministry of economics and sustainability and international data science institutions.

Open positions

Apply now and become part of our journey becoming the next tech unicorn in a category defining business!