Demand Shaping Software
for E-Commerce Brands

Automate your multi-channel demand forecasting with highest accuracy to balance demand & supply and boost your total profitability by up to 100%.

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More and more companies are choosing to use VOIDS in their business.

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What our clients say:

“VOIDS Demand Shaping solutions help us to scale our  D2C channel, without any extra overhead costs.”

Lutz Fromme
Founder & MD WeFriends

"Due to its scalability we were able to implement VOIDS fast and across multiple brands, saving us time and money."

Alexander Vellguth
Founder and MD Lasting Brands

"VOIDS helped to better understand how we can align our marketing and demand planning activities."

Bonifacio Meixedo
Head of Sales Planning & Strategy


Your brand is leaving up to 100% in absolute profits behind.

We know from experience
E-Commerce D2C brands struggle to balance supply and demand, which can cost millions of CM III.

How we solve this issue


Multi-Channel +180 days of SKU level demand forecasting

Precise demand forecasts on product level within a mouse-click

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Reduce your demand planning time by 80%

Get access to an accurate +25-week product level demand forecast across all sales channels.

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Understand product demand in detail

Get visibility on all major e-commerce demand drivers such as marketing activities, external influence factors and competition impacts.

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Mitigate stock risks in minutes to save 6-7 digits contribution margin III for your brand.

Demand Shaping recommendations to streamline your operations

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Prioritize your daily operations over a large product portfolio

Keep track of the most significant day to day risks measured in €.

1. Out-of-stocks or Overstocks
2. Revenue or Profitability Gaps
3. Competition Impacts

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Get recommendations for counter actions for both buying and marketing activites

1. What to re-order in which amount of time tracked through our PO-module or with native ERP integrations.
2. Which warehouse to allocate volumes to and when, with N:N combination functionalities.
3. Which marketing activities to start or stop to support your operations.

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How to on-board
in 120 minutes.

Three steps to start working with VOIDS and boost your E-Commerce D2C brand.


Integrate your tool stack

Add your marketing channels, integrate
your shop-system and connect your 
ERP to get started.


Add missing data

Import outstanding product information, unit economics and map competitor & market information.


Reflect your targets

Add marketing plans, growth targets and connect confirmed order quantities or buying plans.

Contact us and start saving 6-7 digit profits per year

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