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Frequently Asked Question

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Does VOIDS offer a trial?

No, but we offer a three month notice period, not binding you to a long SaaS contract.

How fast can i implement VOIDS?

Implementation time varies from client to client. On avg. 1-2 weeks.

How accurate is the forecast?

Accuracy varies from client to client and product to product, however our clients confirm an accuracy of est. 70% on product LvL. based on the monthly mean absolute percentage error.

Do you currently have open positions?

We do! Check out our LinkedIn Page or the Job Postings on our About Page. Initiative applications are always welcomed!

How fast can i onboard VOIDS?

VOIDS SaaS can be onboarded in under 120 min client time invest. You don't need to bring any technical skills, we will guide you personally through the onboarding.